Walkers wrong to trespass

Reader Input
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Obviously some points of clarity need to be made (“Walking group not welcomed,” Reader Input, Dec. 4). I never stated I could not leave my driveway. I stated several times my concern was - not enough room on the road for an emergency vehicle to get by with all the excess cars trying to park on both sides of the one-lane road. Yes, the second time I went out to complain was when the lady parked her car on my lawn. 1 was upset, I admit that. I do not know where Mr. (Leo) Meunier was; I never saw nor spoke to a gentleman. He says he had permission to park his car on the Andregg Extension. I know for a fact the top two cars did not get permission to park there because that owner is out of town and does not want anyone on that property. As for Slade Ridge, that is a private road and posted as such. YVONNE LEWIS, Auburn