Want change? Vote for 'none of the above'

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Ever feel like you are making a choice between two evils when you vote? Perhaps you would like to see “none of the above” as an option? Most vote for either one of the two major parties even while holding their noses because they don’t want to throw their vote away. But with congress enjoying a 9 percent approval rating and independents far out numbering both Democrats and Republicans, we have a real opportunity to vote for “none of he above” by voting for third party candidates. Any third party. The point is to clean out that stinking den of graft and corruption in Washington that has brought us to this tragic point in our history akin to the Great Depression. They don’t deserve to get re-elected. So now is a good time to take a hard look at alternative candidates and for once vote for someone you really like. Don’t worry about their party, they all represent fresh new ideas, they all want a better country, and most important, they haven’t become corrupted yet. That takes time. Our present crop of politicians simply must go or we will just have more of the same. Independents and disgusted major party voters have the ability to give us a clear slate. Please join me and others and create a new America, by voting for “none of the above.” We can do it. Fred Colburn Meadow Vista