War on ‘abstract noun’ is brainwashing Americans

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It has bothered me no end how a president of the United States could declare war on an abstract noun called terrorism. What bothers me even more is how the American people have accepted it. Webster says terrorism is a method of warfare, a tactic, a means. It has no personality. Every nation in the World has used forms of terrorism in warfare including America. Have we declared war on the entire world including ourselves? Then I discovered that beginning with Reagan who began to ID terror with certain nations and persons, as synonymous. This was passed along and terror slowly began to take the form of a personality even though it was not. As I studied techniques of brainwashing, I saw the relationship come together. What was needed to complete it was a terror incident upon the American people, a 2nd Pearl Harbor, and along comes 9-11 creating fear, and panic, and urgent action, and thus they declared war on terror, with of course Osama bin Laden, and al Qaida attached to the word, or anybody they choose to place under that wide umbrella. The theological signification is more uprooting. To take an abstract evil noun and give it a personality is pantheism in its worst form. Then to declare war on it, as well as all those who use forms of terror, is hallucinatory. This administration created its own smoking gun, but it is a myth, a fairy tale, A new Frankenstein. This imagination becomes the ninth degree of brainwashing or asinine ignorance, then to think that America bought it!! Ken DePledge Randolph, N.Y.