Warmer system drops bundles of rain

By: Bridget Jones Special to the Journal
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Local residents don’t seem to mind a rain-drenched Auburn. Between Sunday and Monday, Auburn received about three-quarters of an inch of rain, hitting the inch mark by Monday night. By Tuesday forecasters say Auburn will have added about another inch to inch and a half of rain. Showers will continue through most of the week, with things drying off by Friday. A new system is set to move in over the weekend, according to the National Weather Service. George Cline of the National Weather Service said our recent weather systems may have brought a lot of rain, but Auburn shouldn’t expect much more snow in the future. “These are relatively low systems,” Cline said. “They’re coming from … a tropical air mass. They’re warmer, but holding more moisture.” Rain soaked the area on Monday afternoon, but many residents were still out enjoying their day and taking care of errands. Auburn resident Greg Belanger took a walk along the American River Monday. He said although the rain makes certain parts of his life harder, he’s happy with it. “It’s great,” Belanger said. “We need the weather. I have an ice-cream business, so it really hurts my business, but I know we need it. Thank God for the rain!” Newcastle resident Hillary Albrecht went shopping with her friend Christa Choi, who is visiting from Hayward. Although Choi is extending her stay in the area to avoid driving home in the rain, Albrecht said it really hasn’t affected their daily activities. “I’m not really daunted by it,” Albrecht said. “I go out and do anything anyway, except hike. My children love it. My daughter went through two changes of clothes at school. We (still) go for walks. We sort of stick to paved areas just because the mud is sort of bad. It doesn’t bother me.” Choi said although she is being cautious about traveling in the rain, she feels it’s still important to appreciate the weather. “I love it, but I don’t want to drive in it,” Choi said. “We don’t get the rain often enough to hate it. It’s a treat.” Auburn resident Kenneth Hall, who was sitting in front of the Save Mart grocery store on Elm Avenue with a sign stating he was homeless, said the rain might stall outdoor plans, but it doesn’t affect him. “Obviously, you can’t go out in the open,” Hall said. “It doesn’t really change anything (for me). I like the rain – I thoroughly enjoy it. Rain is rain – what can you say about it?”