Was Iraq war worth it?

Reader Input
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I couldn’t help but watch in amazement as the people of Egypt toppled their corrupt, oppressive leader without firing a shot or needing a superpower to assist. As Iraq lies in ruins after all the bombing, the infrastructure torn apart, how must they feel as they witness the dismantling of a regime that robbed their fellow Arabs of dignity, hope and wealth, just as Saddam had done to them? If you still believe we invaded Iraq to set those people free and not to establish permanent bases within their borders, then shame on you. Trillions of dollars later, I doubt they’re much better off after the invasion. We are much worse off, our credibility globally shattered, saddled with war debt and tending to our women and men missing limbs and wondering just what we accomplished. At least now we can somewhat protect the flow of oil with the men and machinery we left, or until the oil runs dry. Turns out Saddam would have fallen at the hands of his own people. He was already limited to staying in his 50-plus palaces, a different one every night, because he feared for his life at the hands of the Iraqi people. But then we wouldn’t have any troops or equipment on the ground near our precious oil, threatening our true “national security.” I ask, “Was it worth it, would we do it again”? Stan Brulenski, Auburn