Washington gives an F

Reader Input
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Washington gives an F What would George say? While we have gotten great advice from many of our greater presidents and leaders over the years we surely haven’t paid heed to their warnings. In our first president’s departing words we were told to be always aware of three things. He gave strong warning of the following: 1. Stay out of other nation’s affairs. (Granted, that is a difficult one as the world has grown smaller in scope) 2. Avoid party rivalry. (Wow, we definitely fail on this one. Especially with all of our talk show clowns stirring up conflict and emotions). 3. Be careful or disallow special interest to have control. This means do not let lobbyists interfere in our nation’s decision-making. What do you think our first president would say if he were here today? What kind of a grade would he give to our nation and its leaders? It looks to me like a grade of a D for 1, and an F for 2 and 3. Guess we just don’t listen. Paul T. McDaniel, Auburn