Watch other than Fox news

Reader Input
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In answer to Mr. (Mike) Michaelsen (“Obama’s record simply dismal,” Reader Input, April 20): I wish that President Obama would have done everything I wanted him to do these last four years but I am very pleased with many of his accomplishments.
I am very happy for the Ledbetter act. Women should be paid the same as a man for equal work!
I’m so happy that he saved the U.S. auto industry keeping thousands off the unemployment ranks.
I’m glad the affordable care act passed, as limited as it is. There is much more but the point is he is not just sitting around enjoying taxpayer money. Please keep in mind his formidable foe in the tea party and their stupid pledge to not raise taxes on anyone!
As for the (Warren) Buffett rule, it would have taken 60 votes for the bill to pass. There are only 51 Democrats in the Senate and all but one voted for the bill, plus one Republican. The Buffett bill had a 71 percent favorable rating with the public. It seems that Republicans don’t care what their constituents want!
So, I say to you, Mr. Michaelsen — listen and listen carefully to someone other than Fox News and misleading tea party rhetoric.
Dare to compare with some other news source. You may not find the president’s record so dismal!
Paulette Walter, Colfax