Watch progress go by wayside

Reader Input
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Republican convention time and what did I find at a yard sale, a campaign button for a group as extinct as the dinosaurs. A large red, white and blue, stars and strips button with National Republican Coalition for Choice on it. What an eye-opener! There were actually Republican women and men at one time who believed a woman has the right to choose for herself, what to do with her own body; without the interference of anti-abortion zealots looking over her shoulders or Republican males dictating what a woman can or can’t do. Now in the Dark Ages of Anti-Abortion Republicanism it would be hard to find a pro-choice Republican woman except in a closet. And it isn’t going to get any better. Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and V.P. candidate Paul Ryan are both anti-abortionists to the max. If Mitt and Paul and their Republican posse get into the White House, Roe vs. Wade, stem cell research, contraception for women, and four decades of women’s rights progress will be at the mercy of Republican politicians who have passed the anti-abortion litmus test. Ron Lowe, Nevada City