Watch before you vote

Reader Input
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For those of you who have not yet voted on which type of big box store you’d like to see on Jim Conkey’s “Bohemia” parcel, please rent and watch the movie, “The High Cost of Low Price.” It’s a real eye-opener. It’s not just the fact that Wal-Mart’s goal is to drive all smaller competitors out of business, or the fact that we taxpayers are essentially subsidizing their employees’ health care, or the fact that they video groups of two or more employees talking (instead of watching their parking lots for security). No, they didn’t get the reputation they have for just those little things. The issues run far deeper and are truly insidious. I know these documentary types of movies can be slanted; but if even half of what this one says is true, we really don’t want that store in our town. Besides, didn’t we Auburnites already make our voices heard when we drove Wal-Mart out once before? That episode cost one of the supervisors his job when he ignored his constituents’ wishes and voted in favor of the project (current supervisors please note). What has changed that would make it OK now? Kathleen Harris, Auburn