Water agency moves ahead with new Foresthill HQ for Middle Fork power division

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Placer County Water Agency’s new Foresthill base for its Middle Fork power system is moving closer to reality. Directors awarded a $1.36 million construction contract for the second phase of a project to develop a new headquarters and facilities center for the electrical power division. Sacramento’s S.W. Allen Construction was the successful bidder. It also has the $920,000 contract for the project’s first phase, including building and interior remodeling of a former manufacturing plant at Foresthill’s old mill site. The agency’s power system headquarters is now located in a smaller building on 1.8 acres next to Foresthill Memorial Park. The new site has 9.1 acres of land. The second phase includes grading, fencing, vehicle fueling and washing stations, and other site improvements. The agency expects to move in by the end of the year. The Allen bid was actually the second lowest among five bids received by the water agency. The low bidding firm requested that its bid be withdrawn because a mathematical error had altered its total, Deputy Director of Technical Services Brent Smith said. – Gus Thomson