Water crisis averted thanks to quick action

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As many know there was a regional water emergency when Placer County Water Agency's Boardman Canal failed sometime Friday night Sep. 30. Normally that is not a problem, there is enough storage at the various water treatment plants served by the canal to bridge the interruption until PCWA can repair the problem. Then on early Sunday morning we were informed of a second failure, and raw water would not be restored until sometime Monday. That was a problem. The treated water storage tanks were low, and the raw water pond empty at the Weimar Water Treatment Plant - the plant, and 1,000 customers would be out of water sometime Sunday afternoon unless action was taken. At 8 a.m., Weimar Water staff met with Midway Heights County Water District staff to discuss the situation. A plan was quickly formulated - haul water from the MHCWD raw water reservoir to the plant. By 9 a.m. the first of 10 water trucks dumped a load of raw water at the plant and the water treatment process began and continued for 36 hours straight until the canal was repaired. The sleepy little community of Weimar never saw such action. We would like to thank all involved in what we consider a heroic effort. Local contractors and agencies responded immediately and operated on cold pizza, doughnuts, coffee and diesel fuel for a day and a half and never complained once. They included Gary Todd's Excavating, Norm Paul Trucking, Weimar Trucking, Dobbas Trucking, Placer County Department of Transportation and the Placer Hills Fire Department. Big thanks to the PCWA crews that worked throughout the nights repairing the canal. A number of individual's must also be acknowledged. Supervisor Bruce Kranz's quick action mobilized the Placer County Office of Emergency Service; Jason Tiffany and Ed Robinson from MHCWD helped coordinate contractors and agencies; Don Mulvihill from Timber Hills Water coordinated with their customers; Eldwin Nickerson helped coordinate the water trucks; and Placer Hills Fire Chief Ian Gow and his staff provided water trucks on short notice. All the water customers from Weimar Water, MHCWD, Timber Hills Mutual Water and the Weimar Institute conserved water during the crisis - without the customers efforts to conserve water, we may not have made it. Gerry LaBudde, Paul Fejes Owners/Operators Weimar Water Colfax