We’d be better off without the FDA

Reader Input
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The Auburn Journal headline, “FDA cracks down on HCG,” (Dec. 15) has the ring of finality that the FDA knows what they are doing and what they are doing benefits the people of America. When I need the tea party to take on bogus government agencies, where are they? The FDA, an out-of-control government agency, needs to be stopped. They are a failure, full of deception and abuse, (thwarting) the possibility of a healthy America. If you need more information, see “FDA” from Life Extension Magazine and see how the FDA: • Denies the introduction of life-saving therapies • Suppresses safe methods of preventing disease • Causes the price of drugs to be beyond the means of most • Intimidates those who develop innovative methods • Fails, by its own admission, to keep pace with science • Criminalizes giving scientific information to customers • Censors medical information that would educate doctors • Fails to protect the safety of our food • Approves prescription drugs that prove lethal. The only thing the FDA represents are the drug companies’ financial interest and in this particular situation the manufacturers of weight loss drugs that do not work as well, probably, as drinking pregnant women’s urine. Most all of this is total foolishness. What makes the newer diet work is a diet of 500 calories per a day, which hardly sustains life. Weight loss is quite simple; more nutritious food, less high-calorie food and some exercise each day will work just fine. The FDA, like the pharmaceutical companies they represent, should fold up their tents and leave us the freedom to choose what we need to do for our own health. No FDA, no AstraZeneca equals a healthier America. You are what you eat, eats. Jack Hertel, Newcastle