We’ve much to be grateful for

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The end of a long weekend draws to an end. I’m sitting on my patio barbecuing ribs and listening to Willie and Hank, thankful for what I have and the ones that have given it to me. This morning I went to my flag pole and raised a new American flag and United States Air Force flag. The American flag is for you and me and all the Americans in this world and the U.S. Air Force flag is for my father who was active-duty during three wars for this country he loved. Though my father has been gone for nine years now, I often think of him and the others who have given me the opportunity to sit on my patio and enjoy a life of freedom. We may not always agree with each other but one thing to remember is we are all Americans and as long as we stick together we can overcome any adversity this great county has thrown at it. Do not ever forget the Americans who came before you and the sacrifices they made for each of us. Do not forget the men and women who are presently fighting and giving their lives so I can sit here in safety and freedom and enjoy my Sunday. God bless America. Peter Knutty, loving son of Col. H.P. Knutty, United States Air Force, Auburn