We all support the TV industry

Reader Input
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Re: funding for PBS, Mr. (Grant) Shaw poses the question, “Why is that OK?” (“No more tax dollars for PBS,” Reader Input, Oct. 17).
It’s no surprise that taxpayers think their dollars should not be used for projects they don’t like, but I’m surprised that the miniscule funding for PBS is a target.
There are millions who don’t think subsidizing the highly profitable oil and gas industry with very generous tax credits and exemptions is in their best interest. There are millions who don’t think invading Iraq was a responsible use of tax dollars. There are millions who don’t think pork-barrel projects and boondoggles are the best place for their money.
But, the money is taken by force to pay for it anyway. Why is that OK? For the same reason it’s OK to fund PBS. A diverse citizenry and their representatives have diverse views on what contributes to a civilized society.
Like other broadcasters, PBS provides content for television; it’s not a hobby. It’s more likely that producing TV reality shows is a hobby. Everyone has the ability to choose the television programs he or she watches, but we are all forced to pay for them because our tax dollars support and subsidize the communications industry. So, I’m forced to pay for Mr. Grant’s TV viewing even if I never watch TV.
Why is that OK? Because you can’t please over 300 million people all the time.
Teri Harrison, Weimar