We are a family of Christians

Reader Input
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Regarding the online responses to my letter “We are a nation of Christians,” (Reader Input, June 23). Yes, I am a stumbling Christian who swims in God’s mercy and grace. No, I am not a member of a church letter-writing campaign or any underground organization. What I am, though, is a recently unemployed mother who daily drops 50 cents in a machine and tries to read the Auburn Journal in one hand and entertain my toddler with the other. I tried to sum up my feelings in 250 words of everything I have been reading lately. Why does being a Christian who gives an opinion make me an extremist, Muslim-hater, torture condoner, etc.? So I find it bizarre we care more about the life of a terrorist than the unborn – and unnerving that our freedom of speech and practicing of our faith is slipping away. It wasn’t spelled out in the Constitution so our Christian heritage is nonexistent? Weak. How many chaplains and priests died on D-Day saying prayers over soldiers? They carried only their faith and Bibles to combat. Would you convince my mother, a military officer, that this is not a Christian nation and never has been? My mother who plays a vital role in the spiritual health and morale of soldiers – she is a chaplain. Our president feels differently. He is entitled to his opinion. Meanwhile, our nation pays my mother to carry her faith and her Bible. Angela Collier, Auburn