We are a nation of Christians

Reader Input
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So I understand, it’s OK to kill the unborn but be sure to handle those terrorists with care and while you’re at it, bring them some hot tea and cookies. This makes a lot of sense, just like my brother fighting in Iraq representing a so-called “Democratic” nation that is trying to regulate public radio and take away freedom of speech, which in time will escalate to the banning of practicing Christianity in churches as it would offend those who really believe this nation was not founded under God and the words “In God We Trust” was a misprint never corrected. Does it take being a veteran, a pastor’s kid and a history “buff” to know, study and fight for truth? Come on people. Most Americans who fought in the Civil War and all prior wars on this land, regardless of which side they were not praying to Zeus or some other foreign god. Come to think of it neither was Martin Luther King when he was fighting for racial equality, nor the slaves chasing freedom, nor the free men and women helping them. They were Christian. ANGELA COLLIER, Auburn