We are a nation under God

Reader Input
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So much has been said and all that we have seen about the preparations to remember 9/11 for the 10th time! How proud I am of the positive and prideful expressions of the many Americans and visitors at Ground Zero. We hear about the heroic actions of the many. We must forever remember the many heroes, dead and alive, as well as the many thousands that were tragically killed in New York City. I repeat all that has already been said, because we must always keep alive this terrible part of our history, remembered not only on this date but brought to the remembrance of our students in their history classes. Every time I see a man or woman in uniform I thank them for their part in our country’s freedom. We are one nation under God, and in his strength we will stand and will not be divided. God bless you and God bless America. ELLY DERR, Auburn