We can’t afford Prohibition

Reader Input
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In reply to Alex Dorofeyev’s letter (Reader Input, Dec. 26), Prohibition will never come back, and there are good reasons why it was repealed last time. It has less to do with government tax revenue and more to do with crime and corruption. When you take away something the public enjoys and make it illegal, they will still find ways to partake of it. Just look at the massive underground distribution, sale and use of today’s illegal drugs like marijuana, cocaine and methamphetamine to see my point. Back during Prohibition, people went to equal or greater lengths to get alcohol, and it created a society that was worse, not better, for the ban. Crime and government corruption spiked while basic morality plummeted. Another thing to consider, where would we put all the Prohibition offenders? Our prisons are already overflowing with drug offenders. Making alcohol illegal would only compound that problem, especially if we lock up people whose only crime is having a beer. While you do bring up excellent points about the detrimental effects of alcohol consumption, the fact is many people die from violence and vehicular incidents that have nothing to do with alcohol. While it is unfair that people are killed from drunk drivers, the sad fact is alcohol isn’t ever going to go away, even if it is banned. Reinstating Prohibition would only force alcohol to become one more black-market commodity along with other drugs and we as a society simply can’t afford that. TOM JACOB, Auburn