We didn’t fight for such ideals

Reader Input
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The spiteful letter by Ann Laman (Reader Input, Sept. 7) displays the distortions, the bias and the anger that characterizes the worst of the tea party-ites. By what distorted logic does she assert that “the Democrats … insisted that banks lend to everyone … ?” It was the banks and investment houses that were responsible for this because they made a huge (short-term) financial killing and because there was a lack of regulation. (Remember, it was Reagan who “got the government off our backs.”) Similar illogic lies behind her laughable claim that “history has proven” that the government doing nothing will get us out of a recession. Her history book must end with Herbert Hoover. Expanded health care is what working-class Americans had been asking for for decades. It was largely the false and misleading claims by the Republicans (e.g. the “death panels,” “socialism,” “Russian czars”) that generated so much opposition. And revised health care will likely result in lower costs to employers, not higher. As for attacking Obama’s apology for our human rights faults — I was always taught that apologizing for one’s past mistakes is an honorable thing to do. Or is Ann proud of our record of slavery and Jim Crow, of decimating the Indians, of interning the Japanese? It is one thing to offer reasoned opposition to a president. It is quite another to call people to arms on spurious grounds and claim he has destroyed us. I, as well as my fathers and forefathers, served in the military, Ann. But we did not fight for any kind of country that you envision. LARRY SMITH, Auburn