We fund their paychecks

Reader Input
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Yes, I agree with Allen Cassidy (Reader Input, June 26). We, the people, do need to rise up and express ourselves. Maybe someone needs to ask these “Placer County executives” regarding this pay raise, “What are they going to do for the raise and why haven’t they been doing it already?” With the situation our cities, counties, state and country are in, I cannot comprehend how any official or employee of such could even consider accepting a raise of any type. Mr. Cassidy used the words “greed and animosity.” I would like to add “stupidity, ignorance, immoral and selfishness.” It is very unfortunate that we live in a “me” world. I would venture to say that these people have never played on a team, because there is no “I” in team. They need to remember who signs their pay checks. Paul Campbell, Auburn