We fund wars, not healthcare

Reader Input
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Hypocrisy abounds! Let me get this straight. Conservatives are willing to pay for an obscenely expensive war, in dollars and lives, without challenge, but not pay for a healthcare plan for Americans that will save lives. A large majority of conservatives, who claim to be “Christians,” condone murder when it is applied with force in another country and say little about the cost. Yet, when they’re asked to support a program that will offer most Americans better health, they go into a frenzy about the money and that it will lead to “socialism.” I’m wondering why they don’t claim that war is socialistic? It is a government-run program paid with our tax dollars. Funny, too, isn’t it, that some of the loudest critics of the healthcare reform bill accept Medicare? The pattern of hypocrisy, ignorance and arrogance is shocking and despicable! Irene Smith, Loomis