We have failed to protect democracy

Reader Input
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Over the years and months I have read several letters — listened to radio stories how we have not been good stewards of our planet. Yet I hardly read or hear how we have not been good stewards toward the U.S. Constitution. We have failed as a society to protect our democracy. Over the years the legislative branch of government has given away more and more of their power to any sitting president, no matter Republican or Democrat. We have become sheep believing that because we’re not living the life of the rich and famous that we are the 99 percent! Yet we believe that those we elect have our best interest — when most senators walk away as millionaires. And after their term they peddle their influence to the higher bidder. So while we sit around coffee houses debating each other and who can save our democracy — the Republicans or Democrats — ask yourself are we better off with the loss of civil liberties, and just believing that the people we elect to represent us will be good stewards to those they govern? Stephen Lentz, Auburn