We owe our souls to China

Reader Input
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It would seem that few people want to be reminded of the morals, or lack of them, in this country today. Even fewer want to hear that this country has strayed far away from being a Christian nation. Time after time, God’s chosen people strayed from him and he punished them even to the extent of being taken captive by godless people. When they returned to him he blessed their nation. Will we need to be taken captive by a godless people? Right now we owe our souls to the Communist China Republic. How long will they continue this before they decide that we are a nation belonging to them? Those we elect to speak for us in the government, in so many instances, are not truthful. A few weeks ago it was discovered that the building which houses the planning commission was built with cigarette tax money. Was this tax to be used for building government buildings? Board of Equalization Publication 93 outlines the cigarette tax. You will be surprised. Many write letters to the editor seemingly with the opinion that all is well in the United States. What are the ages of these writers? The “greatest generation” knows about responsibilities, honesty and moral behavior. We have been blessed to know true freedom. A comment was made on the TV this morning about Washington insiders. These are the folks in DC who think they knew best about what kind of light bulbs, toilet tanks, electricity and health insurance are best for us. Is this freedom? Folks, take a look around you, and determine the things that are taken away from us by the career politicians. Mary Ann Frank, Auburn