We the people ‘panhandled’

Reader Input
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I am trying to wrap my mind around my latest experience. I am in the dollar store buying cleaning fluids and toilet tissue, and the clerk asked if the customers would donate $1 for pencils for our school children. Let’s look at the history here. The Lotto and the Indian casinos bills were passed to give more funds to schools. Over 60 percent of my property tax goes for school funding, and my share to schools is $2,894.15 per year. I am in my 60s and now realize, we the people are being panhandled to supply the essentials for our children, while our state Legislators and our state Governor are passing a bill, AB131, to give funds for education for illegals. And to add in a (bit of) trivia, the state of California is bankrupt to a debt of $28 billion. Does something seem wrong here? Donna Williams, Loomis