We still have Shockley Road, Shockley Woods

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We live in North Auburn and have walked through “Shockley Woods” many times, always with a sense of appreciation that this wooded parcel is not developed. We hope that ARD will be able to accept this land. William Shockley’s ideas about race and eugenics were vile. But we knew nothing about him or his views until the park issue came up. Now we wonder why, if we must avoid naming a park after him at all costs, we still have Shockley Road and Shockley Woods Road in the same area. Why are public roads OK, but not a park? His work in transistors, for which he won the Nobel Prize, dramatically changed our lives for the better. He is not the only 20th-century mover and shaker to dabble in eugenics, racism, or anti-Semitism. Ever heard of Charles Lindbergh? Or Henry Ford? Both are honored with many public facilities named for them, in honor of the positive aspects of their accomplishments, not the dark side of some of their beliefs. We think that the good Shockley did outweighs the bad. Please accept this rare green space within the Auburn city limits, rather than allowing it to be developed because the bequest stipulates it must be named for Shockley. Tom and Mary Piette Auburn