We voted in our own destruction

Reader Input
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America voted for change. It just never occurred to Obama supporters to ask what was going to change. Since Franklin D. Roosevelt the American people have been on a steady march to socialism that has now become a sprint. The Constitution is all but meaningless as it continues to be reinterpreted by liberal judges. We’re getting what we deserve for voting for change. The dollar will soon be forced to reckon with its true value and your 401K would be better off if it were in rubles. America bows down to the idol of big government. The government worker is the new equivalent of the Soviet party members of old. Because we have forsaken the God of our forefathers, we will lose the freedoms God blessed us with. We’ve done it to ourselves. Obama and those who support him hate the ideas this country was founded on. Changing really means destroying. Which is just fine with them. John D. Seither, Alta