Weather Channel features ioSafe data recovery

By: Gloria Young,
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uburn’s ioSafe occasionally “barbecues” hard drives. As the developer and manufacturer of disaster-proof drives, the tech company uses fire and water to demonstrate the effectiveness of its products.
Recently, The Weather Channel put that expertise on view for a nationwide audience.
“They were doing (programming on) products that are geared toward surviving disasters or preparing for disaster,” CEO Robb Moore said. “They knew about ioSafe and asked if they could do a story on (us).”
A reporter and photographer from the Weather Channel spent a day at ioSafe’s Airport Business Park location in mid-April, filming a demonstration of the company’s latest product – the N2 – for a “Weather and Your Wallet” segment.
“We took pictures with them and recorded video with some of their equipment and our equipment,” Moore said. “We put the N2 into a big pallet fire that exceeded 1,500 degrees and then took the same unit and threw it into a creek, and then recovered all the data – photos and video from it – so it showed that the product did what it was designed to do.”
The program aired March 21 — the all-day shooting and recording session condensed into a two-and-a-half-minutes.
“When we’ve been on the air with Discovery Channel or BBC, it has been kind of the same,” Moore said. “These people are such professionals and they want to make sure everything is exactly right. You can spend a half hour on a few seconds of video. I was amazed at how tightly they put the video together. I’m always impressed.”
The broadcast generated a wave of emails and phone calls from end users as well as resellers.
“We’re starting to see a lot of activity from resellers,” he said. “They’re calling because of all the different press (exposure) we’ve received on this product. It really is satisfying a need out there and they are closest to it – the small businesses that can really benefit from it.”
The N2, which ioSafe introduced and began shipping in January, is a network attached storage device – or NAS.
“The unique aspect of an NAS is that it can act like your own cloud essentially,” Moore said. “You know how the “cloud” is all the rage. But there are (some) problems with using the public cloud. (For instance), if you have terabytes of data, it’s a bit like pushing Lake Tahoe through a straw. It takes a long time to upload. Even one terabyte can take months and months.”
The N2 is built to manage all that data, keeping it local and centralized.
“We are combining our technology with NAS technology to create a disaster-proof data storage center inside your building,” he said. “It is proving to be a very popular product so far.”
ioSafe’s products are available through major retailers including Amazon, Costco and Newegg. That’s only about a third of the business. Another third is through resellers. The remainder is sales to large enterprise and government, Moore said.
At company headquarters in Auburn, the focus is keeping step with the rapidly growing data universe.
“It about doubles every two years – every year and a half to two years,” Moore said. “For ioSafe, it’s all about storing more and more data and bringing out products that are more capable, faster, better and accessible by more people.”
One recent area of expansion is into video surveillance storage.
“Casinos, bars, convenience stores – they all have video surveillance and almost no one uploads that,” he said. “It’s almost always stored on site and vulnerable. We’ll be doing some marketing in that area… Things like that iosafe excels at, in addition to just protecting massive am-ounts of data. What people don’t realize is that 75 percent of the world’s data is at risk. It is really tough to protect it. It’s a great way to attack that larger issue.”
 Auburn City Councilwoman Bridget Powers is a member of the Auburn Airport Business Park Association.
“ioSafe is an industry leader and perfect example of the Auburn entrepreneurial spirit,” she said in an email. “Some of the best industry leaders settle here for the lifestyle business climate and great workforce. We know we will continue to see more of Robb as he continues to expand his company in the future.”
The Weather Channel experience is just one aspect of a very positive time for the company.    
 “ioSafe is profitable now,” Moore said. “It’s been a very tough road to get here. We’re very excited to be profitable at this point and things are looking very good for the quarters ahead, at least as far out as we can see. It has been a good feeling getting to this latest milestone. It’s validating what we are doing here.”
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