Weed out ARD clownishness

Reader Input
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I was flabbergasted by the responses to what I considered an excellent letter Friday by Dr. Gordon Ainsleigh (Reader Input, Sept. 16). Gordon had very valid and well presented points concerning the extra $13,000 spent by Auburn Recreation District for the audit. So far, I still do not know what “value” was added. A look into this seems worthy. I understand that the board recommended the middle of the three lowest bids, and a board director pressed for Marta (highest of the three) until he got his way. Even in the face of these facts (we spent that extra $13,000), several e-mails stated that Gordon was merely whining ... sounds like they are defensive and vindictive. Nasty comments were made about upcoming elections doing Gordy in were inappropriate. (And highly untrue!) Sounds like personal friends of certain board members. Why not simply present the facts ... do we really need to get clownish? Where are the rest of the thinking people? Oh — maybe they are gainfully employed and do not have time for postures and political fun and games. Donna Vetromile, Auburn