Weigh service alternatives with care

Reader Input
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I’ve been told that those living in Auburn Lake Trails primarily read the Auburn Journal, so with that target in mind, I will proceed. As president of the board of the Georgetown Divide Public Utility District, I have been criticized for not being engaged in the business of GDPUD. I won’t argue the point, however, as I have mentioned before, the criteria I use to evaluate the performance of a water utility can be condensed into three parameters: quality, reliability and cost. Using those measures, during the proposed hearing(s) on the proposed $7/month increase in water rates, it seems likely that GDPUD will still be quite competitive with water utilities in nearby areas. Ask your acquaintances in the Placer County Water Agency service area how their quality, reliability and cost compares with GDPUD. While you are at it, ask how the customers in Foresthill feel. Then think about what is being asked of you. Yeah, no one wants to pay an additional $7/month, but please think seriously about the alternatives before you make a decision. Ray Griffiths, Georgetown