Weimar couple wins tickets to Family Day at the Track

Savemart sends contest winners to Sonoma for NASCAR race
By: Alex Mecredy, Journal Correspondent
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A Weimar couple got the ride of a lifetime over the weekend. Debbie Dusart was happy to learn that she won Savemart's grand prize in the Family Day at the Track contest to win a VIP trip to the NASCAR speedway in Sonoma.

"My name was chosen out of all the shoppers in California," Debbie said.
The contest winner was given four VIP tickets to the race. Debbie and her husband, Jack, decided to take his brother Don Dusart and brother-in-law Charlie Cox along to the event. According to Debbie, they were well taken care of throughout the day.

"We got to do a lot of things that people don't normally get to do," Debbie said.
The group was given a variety of passes to experience all of NASCAR. In addition to seeing each individual racecar and the inside of the garage, the VIP guests were also called on stage to shake hands with the racers and get autographs.

They then were allowed to enter the winner's circle.

After, the winners were able to take a ride around the track in the race cars.

"It is called a hot lap. We go inside the car and racers drive really fast. It seemed like a 100 miles per hour going around that race track," Debbie said.

The most exciting part to the Dusarts was having the opportunity to wave the green flag that starts the race. Debbie explained that the duty of waving the flag is not usually handed out but rather a paid position.

"It was a huge deal Don started the race and got to wave the big green flag as a surprise to all of us," Debbie said.

Once they arrived in Sonoma, everything throughout the day was free including food, prizes and champagne at the end.

"They couldn't have been more accommodating. We were really treated nice down there," Debbie said.