What’s with 7-foot-tall canal fence?

Reader Input
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I hate to bring up an old subject, but I think it needs addressing. I feel I am speaking for a lot of people who have enjoyed the canal between Highway 49 and the holding pond off Mount Vernon Road. It now looks like a prison camp. The powers that be have put in a 7-foot fence with barbed wire on top and cables to grab onto if you do in fact fall in the water. I was under the impression that the fence was to prevent someone from falling into the canal. Would a 4-foot fence not have worked? And been cheaper? This canal has always been one of the best inner city fishing spots for kids and adults alike. It is now impossible to fish there. And speaking of keeping costs down, what about the brand new fence poles in the canal between Edgewood and the lake? Fifty of the poles can be seen in the water. Will they be removed and used on another project, or will they just be written off as a job expense? Peggy McCray, Auburn