What’s your eugenics IQ?

Reader Input
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Interesting that the NAACP is now aboard in the Shockley Park debate (Journal, Sept. 13). I wonder if they, and the other folks that are fighting “the tip of the iceberg” on this issue are aware of the deeper mischief of eugenics. The predecessors of our present-day liberals, now self-described “progressives,” were very committed to the cause of eugenics, which, as in Germany under Hitler, was social engineering to the extreme, to “better the human race.” The founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, was one of the leaders in the eugenics movement, and many of the prominent politicians of the time on the left were also, including the Roosevelts and Woodrow Wilson. The people we have in power today, ardent social engineers, are the natural progeny of those early 20th century movements. Socialists, communists and the like formulated the overarching philosophy which included eugenics. (William) Shockley is a symbol of a much-deeper threat, social engineering by an intellectual elite, self-anointed to decide who is born, who lives, who dies and when, and how they live their lives. Our attention needs to go to that present day issue rather than the name of a park. For more information, one need only do an online search of eugenics or Margaret Sanger. Larry C. Richardson, Auburn