What’s with the NIMBY?

Reader Input
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Why is it that people from the “Auburn area,” Newcastle, Foresthill, Penn Valley, Meadow Vista, etc. think that it is OK to build something in Auburn that they would never agree to in their fair city? I presume that those people moved to those rural/small-town areas to avoid the traffic and noise larger cities have. Where is the empathy when we in Auburn don’t want the same things they don’t want? I must think that the Foresthill person (Matt Lewis) was kidding when he advocated the removal of stop signs on Luther, etc. roads, (you know, the corners with preschools and churches and homes on them) so that he could get to the Wal-Mart faster (Reader Input, April 28). Perhaps that is truly the attitude of Wal-Mart advocates. For all of you commuters to areas above Luther and Highway 49 who advocated this disaster, I feel it is justice when your drive time and gas increases by 20-30 percent each way. Speaking of justice, if you don’t like the way the county supervisors treated you on this, remember to vote them all out. Curt Zollner, Auburn