What’s not to like about health care bill?

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Congressman (Tom) McClintock voted to repeal the health care bill. Perhaps he didn’t like it because it: 1. Would stop 40,000 people from dying every year, because they had no insurance. 2. Over a million young people can stay on their parents’ insurance until age 26. 3. Would remove caps on how much insurance one can use. 4. Cost of prescriptions for seniors going down. Seniors getting $250 toward the cost of prescriptions. 5. Over 25 million would no longer be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition such as women simply because of pregnancy. 6. Would reduce the national deficit by about a trillion dollars. 7. U.S. would no longer be the only major country in the world without universal health care. 8. Insurance companies would no longer be in control as to who and when individuals can get coverage. 9. Small companies would receive tax credits to help them afford health care for their employees. 10. Would allow his constituents to have the same coverage he has. I can’t understand how the bill got passed last year. It must have been Democrats who are concerned about the average person instead of the economic condition of the health care industry. Gary Miller, Roseville