What about the facts?

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Mr. (Dean) Forman talks of the repudiation of (President) Obama (Reader Input, Feb. 2), but what about the Republican Party? The polls have consistently rated Obama in the 40 percent range while giving the Republicans a rating in the 20s. So who is listening to the American people? The repudiation of his agenda will come in his second year, not his first. If you were watching Rick Sanchez on CNN, you would have observed a conversation with the head of the congressional budget office who said virtually all of the problems he had to deal with and virtually all of the spending he did were the result of the problems he was left with. It is easy to speak in generalities but much harder to back up what you say. Of course, the tea party attitude is that if you repeat the bluff and bluster enough a few people will believe you. But hopefully this won’t be enough, and it certainly won’t include me. Michael Douglas, Auburn