What about overpopulation?

Reader Input
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If the church is so concerned about abortion, why doesn’t it consider the alternatives (“Displays of crosses protesting abortion,” Journal, Jan. 22)? Why not advocate birth control, or is this too extreme? How about monthly planning? Is this too intrusive? What about overpopulation and lack of resources? When people outnumber resources, you have poverty. Look at India! Hundreds of millions of children suffer in this world because of poverty. They are victims of ignorance. Then there is the issue of money. Someone is making money from abortions and it’s not women. They are also victims of this profit-motivated business. This as another truth which is denied. Some people become victims of their own making, while others take advantage of this for profit. Manipulation is an easy excuse for a lie and the hypocrisy hard to avoid. It’s all about self-interests at the expense of someone else, neglecting to think ahead. ALLEN CASSIDY, Auburn