What became of abstinence?

Reader Input
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We should have a forum on “The Responsibility of Reproductive Rights” (“Reproductive justice forum staged at Sierra College”, Journal March 23). Just because someone is “pro life” doesn’t mean they are against “pro choice.” I am pro life and also pro choice, but I think the choice that should be made is to not have sex if there is any chance of an unwanted pregnancy or disease. Sex is a normal urge but it is under a person’s control and so is the choice to not have it. Either way, it’s a choice. People do not have the right to make the rest of us pay through our taxes and higher insurance premiums for their birth control, abortions or out-of-wedlock children. Where’s the justice in that? Whatever happened to abstinence, self-control and personal responsibility? This is what should be taught at home and in the schools instead of giving out condoms. Marcia Winborne-Graven, Lake of the Pines