What came first, crowds or big box?

Reader Input
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It’s an old story! As a history buff, I recently read how our early mountain men out west complained when big companies brought more efficient marketing to the fur trade. Now, we have Home Depot and (shudder) Wal-Mart. Seems I recall complimenting the Home Depot staff and administrators on their very friendly, helpful service when I go there. They even seem to be (perish the thought) happy employees. But perhaps I’ve been confused by a nefarious plot.  When I moved to Placer County 43 years ago, the traffic on Placer Hills Road was very light. Now it’s very heavy! Who brought all of these people to clog my road? Did they follow big box stores — or was it the other way around? Did the stores follow the people? Well, our big box detractors are right on the job, warning of an agonizing laundry list of terrible bugaboos that Wal-Mart will bring us. But for some reason, that list is incomplete. How come there is no mention of really big catastrophes like — ingrown toenails — flat feet and belly fat? Jim Ditty, Colfax