What do bike-haters use for brains?

Reader Input
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I scratch my head at the mentality of the bicycle-bashing letter writers to the Journal. Last year a woman in the Georgetown area complained about bicyclists talking to each other as they rode by. (Presumably she would prefer Harleys or semi trucks?) On Feb. 20, Debi Stalder says bikes should “keep off roads” and should have “safety equipment required of cars.” (Air bags and crash-resistant bumpers?) And now (May 28), John Downs wants them all to have license plates so we can “report the Speedos.” What do these people use for brains? First, any plate for bikes would be quite unreadable because of size – unless Downs is proposing car license plates for bikes. Due to size, weight and problems of attachment, this is an absurd idea. Second, in a state on the verge of bankruptcy with more vital services being slashed every day, Mr. Downs wants to set up a costly new bureaucracy to license bicycles. Or turn it over to existing DMV workers because they have so much free time. (Been to a DMV office lately, John?) Third, he thinks police will be responsible for enforcing this. Take time away from patrolling for drunk drivers and drug dealers and burglaries to give tickets to school kids for no bike license? Finally, how would this “reporting” take place? John sees a bicyclist who rolls through a stop sign. He calls the local police who dispatch officers to search DMV records to find the evildoer and then send other officers to stake out his home and then give him a ticket – because John says so? Or should the district attorney hire more lawyers to investigate and prosecute bicycle offenses? The people who write such letters seem like very angry people. I do wish they would try exercising a little more patience and a little more judgment before they shoot off such nonsensical and offensive letters to the local paper. LAURIE WESTPHALIA, Auburn