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What do you think about a sign hanging in the Auburn City Council Chambers that reads “In God We Trust?”

Asked by Bridget Jones on Lincoln Way in Downtown Auburn
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There could be a new sign in the City Council Chambers in the future. Councilman Mike Holmes said he was recently contacted by an organization called In God We Trust – America. The organization asked him to consider approving a sign that would say “In God We Trust,” and hang in the Council Chambers. Holmes said this effort is in reaction to groups wanting to take the words off United States currency and other things. Holmes said he is planning to bring it to a council agenda no later than next month, but first he wanted to find out if the sign would have to be a certain size and if there would be a cost to the city. The statement is not promoting any particular religion and is a statement of one of the principles the United States was founded on, Holmes said. Dr. Bill Kirby, Auburn Occupation: Mayor “My thoughts are this: we have an absolute division of government and religion, but “In God We Trust” sits on our currency and it sits on the way into the Supreme Court I believe, and I find it relatively inocculous. I don’t think it should be anything that would offend anybody.” Erica Bauer, Grass Valley Occupation: full-time student “My thought on it is, is it really necessary? Is it a necessary item to have at this point in the time of recession we are in? Is it really something the city should spend the money to put in the City Hall building? As far as if for whatever reason they find it necessary, I guess go for it. I don’t really have an opinion either way on the ‘In God We Trust’ thing. Kim Schaffer, Grass Valley Occupation: retired “I love it. I think it’s because that is what our country was based on. I think it’s great to have higher power. People may have a different God, and that’s OK, but I think it takes it out of ourselves and we can appreciate a higher power.” Aaron Andersson, Nevada City Occupation: full-time student, retail employee “I love it because I think that any little reminder that we are here because of Him, and anything to just give that little reminder (to) any people that make choices (that affect others) is going to be beneficial.” Molly Miller, Auburn Occupation: cosmetologist “I think that’s awesome. I think those are the principles our country was founded upon. I think it would be silly to not allow it, just because it’s on our currency and it’s something I believe strongly in.” Bob Baird, Foresthill Occupation: retired teacher “I think there should be separation of church and state, but I also look at it as not being a huge deal. It just brings up the question (of church and state) I guess.”