Word on the Street

What does Veterans Day mean to you?

Asked by Sara Seyydin at various businesses around Auburn
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Robert Jackson, Zacaba, Guatemala Occupation: Missionary Age: 41 “To me it’s always been a day to celebrate our freedom. Often we take our freedom for granted. It’s a day to say, “thank you,’ thank God and thank them (U.S. veterans).” Ed Soubeia, Newark, CA Occupation: Retired Age: 61 “My father was a C.B. (construction battalion) in the Navy. He said he was digging a trench in Okinawa. He said he saw a bunch of birds, only they weren’t birds they were Japanese flyers. That would be an intense day’s experience. Especially this Veterans Day because I just cleaned out my mother and father’s house. I thought it was rather ionic that it was Veterans Day. He was 17 when he went into the Navy. He wasn’t old enough, but for some reason they let him in. He served two years and then the war was over.” Pat Zinkovich, Benicia, CA Occupation: Retired Age: 85 “We all talk about the soldiers still over there in Afghanistan and pray that they will come home soon. We thank all services for protecting us.” John and Patricia Groes, Cool Occupation: both retired Age: both 67 Patricia-“We had a son that was in Iraq. I was worried I would see someone in uniform with a uniform come to my door. He was a radar, right down in the middle of the worst of it. They wanted him out,” John- “It was pretty tough. We didn’t know if he would come home. We went to a support group with other parents who had kids serving and that really helped.”