What good was calling 911?

Reader Input
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As years go by and spending goes up, our local county law enforcement seems to be getting more lackadaisical as time goes by. I am a bartender in Foresthill and on June 30 I have never been more offended by a lack of response by our officials as I am now. 911 was called tonight by a fellow employee as my life was being threatened by a patron that I had only served one drink to. This patron appeared to be in control as he ordered his drink; I noted after half his cocktail he was overly intoxicated. I removed his drink and asked him to leave. He then became very agitated and proceeded to threaten my life and the establishment as a whole. This is when 911 was called. Fellow patrons escorted the unruly customer out of the bar and we waited for law enforcement to arrive. Our local deputy was in Auburn at the time, and called to get more information. After a half-hour, I watched the officer arrive at the substation across the street from my establishment while allowing the subject to drive away. Did the officer even bother to visit with the person who called 911? No. Did he leave after 35 minutes of sitting comfortably in his office? Yes. Is this the average of what we get in Foresthill for law enforcement coverage? Yes. After 16 years of periodically bartending both in Foresthill and Sacramento, tonight is the first time that I have ever called 911 for assistance. After tonight’s performance by our Sheriff’s Department, however, I will only depend on 911 for medical and fire emergencies. For protection, I will depend on my second amendment rights. Alan Spencer Martin, Foresthill