What happened to ‘Buy American’?

Reader Input
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What is the real reason for high unemployment and disappearance of jobs? One has to wonder if the rise in our unemployment rate has more to do with our manufacturing going to other countries than our economy. Just think of the products we used to make here. In fact, wander through the aisles of a Home Depot or Lowes looking for plumbing or electrical parts, light bulbs, tools, bolts and nuts, sink faucets, toilets, coffee makers, toasters, hand tools of every type, light fixtures and you will find that 90 percent of the items you pick up are made in China. What happened to “Buy American”? Now I have nothing against China, but they hold the greatest amount of our national debt, and now they also seem to have a grip on all of our manufacturing, too. I would rather pay a buck more and know that an American was still working and making the brand of tools I like, than save a buck knowing the guy that made my favorite line of tools is unemployed. I believe what’s wrong with our economy is the unavailability of jobs. Companies have sent them overseas in the name of profit. That is the policy that needs to change! Paul M. Harman, Auburn