What happened to caring legislators?

Reader Input
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Why is it that assembly members and legislators don’t understand that it is their fault that California is in such a mess – their special projects and the many (paid) people that work under them? They just don’t get it. They were voted into office to help us taxpayers, not burden us like they are doing to us. I sure don’t feel sorry for any of them because they can’t collect their $400-plus a day (Journal, June 22). I don’t think they should be paid that much at any time. Maybe it’s time they decide on a different lifestyle. Do they understand there are human beings out there who have no paycheck or no roof over their heads? What happened to our caring elected officials? Do they ever care that a lot of us can’t pay our bills now but yet they want us to pay more in taxes and more for their oh-so smart fees. Our oh-so caring president can send his family all over the world on our tax dollars but can’t see fit to give Social Security recipients a cost-of-living raise. Why haven’t all of them given up their cell phones and cars? Why do they think they are the better humans that need more than the people they should be looking after? (Gov.) Jerry Brown has as much or more money than (Arnold) Schwarzenegger but we don’t see him not taking a salary. We don’t think (Sen. Darrell) Steinberg is a good leader. What is going to happen to the 30,000 vets when they come home? BETTY CRUZ, Auburn