What a mess to leave the grandkids

Reader Input
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I have ventured ? this many summers in a sea of glory, but far beyond my depth ? These lines preface a book, ?Sea of Glory,? by Nathaniel Philbrick. To me, they speak of a young, inexperienced president who, like Prometheus, would perform miracles ? but didn?t. Remember the prescription for an ailing America? Allegiance to ?Yes We Can!? Now it?s ?We Can?t Wait!? Among the miracles, unperformed, was a record stimulus bill designed to (1), contain unemployment at 8 percent and (2), jump start the economy. We were also promised a serious plan for debt reduction. The true unemployment rate, according to U.S News & World Report, is 16 percent. This includes 8.5 million part-timers, and roughly three million who have dropped out of the labor force. Some six million remain unemployed for six months or longer. In total, the number of unemployed, and part-time employed, is 14 million ? the worst number since the Great Depression. The economy, to be kind, is stagnant. ?Lousy,? in the words of Bill Clinton. Bush?s debt of $4.9 trillion was ?unpatriotic? and ?irresponsible,? said Obama. So our presidents adds $5 trillion more debt in just 39 months ? along with a 2013 budget which, according to the CBO, calls for $6.4 trillion in additional spending over 10 years. Meanwhile, at this second, the U.S. National Debt Clock records the federal debt at $15,639,724,354,476 and 42 cents. But not to worry. We?ll just dump the whole mess, like a huge pile of garbage, on our kids and grandkids. Let them clean it up. BILL HARDER, SR., Auburn