What other dirty secrets lie buried?

Reader Input
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It is absolutely criminal what has been going on in Bell, Calif. Almost $800,000 for the city manager and well over $400,000 for the chief of police. A population of 38,000 people and a chief of police with 28 deputies! Who justified this obnoxious amount of money? The city council and mayor should be at least fired if not prosecuted. We here in Placer County are not above this type of corruption and cronyism. Wasn’t the CEO of our court system giving himself raises and bonuses to the tune of $400,000? Who was watching? And then there was the Tamara Uhler hiring. We need to have the taxpayers of Placer County develop a “smell test” review of what our public employees are paying themselves in addition to their benefits and publish that information. And we should not allow any non-elected official to hire anyone or fill a vacancy thus making someone least accountable. How many other dirty little secrets are buried in our own little county? Are there any Charlie Rangels in Placer County government? James Mckesson, Auburn