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What would you do to fix the economy?

By: Asked Sara Seyydin
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Mark Rosen, President, Auburn-Area Democratic Club “There is no quick fix because we are in a chicken or egg situation. Jobs require a strong economy, and a strong economy needs optimistic people with jobs to spend money. The national debt is important long-term, but not today. It is not popular now, but most economists agree that short term government spending should increase, along with a long-term plan to reduce spending once the economy and associated tax income revives. It was clearly shown during the Clinton administration that a strong economy will support reducing the national debt. Investing now in our national infrastructure and in education for our people at all levels will put people to work near term, support our future capability to compete in a world market and give us a reason to be optimistic.” Stuart Dodge, NorCal Tea Party Patriots “Create jobs and then once people have jobs and are spending, there is jobs created. They pay taxes, which creates infrastructure. Bring industry back to our country and back to California. Corporate taxes are not paid for by corporations, they are paid for by the consumers. One thing you have to understand is corporations are not Republican or Democrat. They are in business to make money. The principals we need to emphasize are limited government and fiscal responsibility.” Mayor Dr. Bill Kirby, Republican “We need to reform the tax code. We need to have an even-hand tax-wise. We need to reform healthcare. We need to bring all of our troops home that are not needed for national defense. We need to cut foreign aid, except humanitarian aid, and dramatically cut the size of the government. We need to cut costs. I want to throw every state and federal official out because nobody is working together and they are all part of the gridlock.” Ron Solomon, Owner of Auburn Jewelry and Loan “I guess for me, how I would fix the economy is get rid of the current administration. I would say we need to cut back on taxes. Small-businesses are taxed pretty heavily. Promote the private sector and less government regulation because what they are doing right now isn’t working.” Brendon Axelbaum, Placer High School Student “I would cut social programs like the welfare program. I think that would really help. Have checks and balances.”