Since when can buses speed?

Reader Input
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Do buses have to follow the proper speed limit on the highways? I ask this question because I was driving west on I-80 at Newcastle when a green bus with bars on the windows zoomed, zoomed past us in the left lane. I tried to keep up with the bus to get the license number but when the bus got up to 75 I slowed down. On the same day still west on I-80 now by Rocklin, a bus in the middle lane was going about 70. As we followed this bus, we noticed it was a PRIDE No. 205 bus with no passengers. It did not slow down until it went off on the Highway 65 bypass. Doesn’t the law state that buses need to be in the right lane (unless passing) and follow the speed limit of 55? Or did the law changed for some? Cindy James, Auburn