When enforcers ignore the law

Reader Input
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Mr. (Jim) Beall (Sr.) expanded on my letter concerning illegal actions by two of our last three presidents (Reader Input, April 5). He tried to confuse the issue that both Clinton and Obama entered into military conflicts without consulting our Congress or getting Congressional consent. His proof of Bush wrongdoing was the tired claim, “Bush lied!” Mr. Beall referenced these events as wrong-doings: Korea — President Truman, Democrat; Vietnam — presidents Kennedy and Johnson, Democrats; Bay of Pigs — Kennedy again; and others. Regarding Vietnam. In August 1950, President Truman was the first to send American military advisors, MAAGs, Military Aid and Assistance Groups, to help the French in their Indo-China War. Clinton turned down several offers from African governments to surrender Bin Laden. The issue is about abiding by our Constitution and the various laws that determine our involvement in military conflicts. The leftists claimed Bush lied and called for his impeachment. Where is their call for Obama’s impeachment for ignoring our Constitution and laws? America is a Constitutional Republic governed by the “rule of law.” What happens when the very people tasked with enforcing our law ignore it? And what happens when the citizens ignore their wrong-doing? Willard F. Schmehl, Cool