When will Auburn get its Walmart?

Reader Input
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Why is the North Auburn Walmart project not yet moving forward? Is APACE, the people who claim to be protecting Auburn?s economy, to blame for countless delays and loss of county revenue? Let?s set the record straight: the area in which the project is proposed to be built is in major need of a retail center like Walmart that will provide fresh groceries and other products. The people living around the store will greatly benefit from only having to go to one local shop to buy everything they need. This is much easier than getting in a car, or on a bus, and having to spend 20-30 minutes driving, or bussing, around Auburn just to get a few basic items. Not to mention the 300 new jobs this new store will create. This new store is going to create jobs, generate more sales tax revenue and provide another choice for people to shop locally. Margaret Mitchell, Auburn